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The region of Kep-Kampot opened Cambodia to the outside world centuries ago. Marco Polo’s famed maritime Silk Road passed through the region which exported famous spices including pepper and cardamoms, tobacco, precious woods, silks and artifacts.
Today, the region is famous for its spices and Kep Crabs are world renowned in the gastronomic world.

During the golden age of Cambodia in the 60's, Kep became the Khmer jet set hideaway, with an incredible collection of hundreds modern villas where European minimalism and modernism were enhanced for a generation of architects inspired by the work of Vann Molyvann,, the famed pupil of Le Corbusier. They called it Kep-sur-Mer, La Côte d’Opale, the Khmer Riviera.

In 1968, a cosmopolitan Khmer family built a stunning house directly on the coast. Perfectly situated near the surrounding Hills of the Kep National Park, and the tranquil coast of the Gulf of Kampot, Villa Ramonea enjoys a majestic view of the Bokor Mountain overshadowing Kampot city, and the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc. It was one of the last houses built before years of war and civil unrest from 1970 till 1995.

It is only in 1995 that daily fighting between government troops and Khmer rouge finally ceased, with final surrender in '98. Kep was made secure and began to regain its legendary tranquility and beauty.

The owners, visiting the region in 2007, fell in love with the house, architecture and landscape and decided to buy and to restore it, creating a luxurious getaway for their families and friends. They have now decided to share it with you.
After years of renovation, Villa Romonea is now restored to its pristine architectural glory & welcomes guests for an ultimate experience of rest and leisure.